99 Food and Drink Prices, S01E02: United Arab Emirates

Welcome to Season 1 Episode 2 of “99 Food and Drink Prices.”

This whole new series is designed to show you what the prices of food and drink items are in countries all around the world so that you can get a pretty good idea of what the cost of living in each country that I feature is.

As much as possible, I will try to list the same or similar items from episode to episode.

This episode is dedicated to the United Arab Emirates. The currency of the UAE is the United Arab Emirates Dirham, abbreviated AED.

All of the pictures below were taken at Carrefour Hypermarket. I decided to use Carrefour as my source because it’s probably the biggest and most popular supermarket chain in the UAE. You can, however, often find most of the items pictured here cheaper at other shops/stands.

Note: ALL PRICES ARE IN (the equivalent of) USD for easy comparison to other episodes of “99.” The exchange rate I used was 3.69 AED to 1 USD.

Scroll all the way to the end of this article to see how much money you will need to buy all 99 items!

Fruits (15) –> $45.81 buys you one kg of each, except for the pineapple, which is one piece, and the mangosteen, which is one package

Vegetables (15) –> $31.97 buys you one kg of each, except for the mushrooms, which is one pack

Drinks and Such (15) –> $35.13 buys you one of each

Breakfast / Sandwich Items (15) –> $71.38 buys you one of each

(Normally) Canned Goods (9) –> $16.20 buys you one of each

Oils, Condiments, and Pasta (9) –> $38.71 buys you one of each

Baking Items and Such (9) –> $32.06 buys you one of each

Cookies and Ice Cream (6) –> $33.05 buys you one of each

Baked Goods and Sandwiches (6) –> $22.20 buys you one of each


$326.51 buys you all 99 items here (although sometimes that means you are getting a kg of an item).

That works out to an average of $3.30 per item.

What do some (or all) of these items cost where you live? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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